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Principal: Jen Larva

September 30, 2015

Dear Lowell Families,

It was enjoyable to meet so many friendly faces at our PTA meeting this week. I was impressed with the level of interest by parents in PTA. Research shows that when families, schools, and communities work together:

  • Student achievement improves,

  • Teacher morale rises,

  • Communication increases,

  • Family, school, and community connections multiply. (

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness month and I was thrilled to get support from our PTA to participate in the “Kindness in Chalk” movement. As important as it is to increase awareness of bullying, parents and educators need to teach what it means to be KIND and to model KINDNESS toward others. A mother from the Minneapolis area wanted get parents involved at school in a way that didn’t require a ton of preparation and effort (see her blog at The simple premise is to chalk messages about the power of kindness to the students on the school grounds.

Families are being invited to participate during our conferences on October 6, 8, and 13. Chalk up the playground, the sidewalks, and the parking lot; covering the school grounds with positive words, phrases, quotes and images that speak of love, peace, hope and acceptance.

The PTA parents brought forth other ideas to raise our students awareness and prevent bullying that will be explored at a future staff meeting. Further communication will be coming home at a later time once a couple of decisions are made.

Speaking of communication, that was a topic addressed at our meeting. I asked the families in attendance to tell me how YOU would like to be communicated with. Here is what was decided:

  • Continue periodic schoolwide newsletters

  • Provide a monthly principal letter home with an event calendar

  • Update the Lowell Elementary School website to make information easier to access

  • Promote and utilize social media (Facebook and/or Twitter)

  • Limit all call messages to important reminders or emergency communication

Please feel welcomed to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments that you may have as we progress through the school year.


Jen Larva

Principal- Lowell Elementary School

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